Electrical Magnetic Air Pump

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Ideal for aquarists seeking a dependable and robust air supply, the electrical magnetic air pump boasts 60 Watts of sheer strength. With its efficient airflow, this device effectively maintains the well-being of your fish and ensures pristine water conditions in your aquarium.


Experience effortless and efficient air compression with our exceptional electrical magnetic air pump. This powerhouse is meticulously designed, driven by an electrical magnetic motor that enables a flawless straight-line reciprocal motion to produce consistent airflow.

Crafted with cutting-edge SF3 wearable material, the cylinder and piston guarantee superior performance through optimal power consumption, while delivering a remarkable output of air pressure. Say farewell to cumbersome oil lubrication thanks to our innovative non-oil design, ensuring pristine compressed air that remains purified. Harnessing this high-performance pump will revolutionize your professional endeavors, as it flawlessly caters to diverse applications across various industries. From inflating tires swiftly at the auto repair shop to maintaining precise air pressure in medical equipment or even enhancing your underwater adventures – this versatile device does it all.

Additionally, its streamlined structure not only ensures optimum efficiency but also promises durability for countless years of reliable service. With safety features at the forefront of its engineering, you can operate this magnetic marvel worry-free.Upgrade to our Electrical Magnetic Air Pump today and embrace seamless productivity and uncompromised quality in all your professional pursuits.


Power60 W
Pressure0.035 MPa
Exhaust Capacity82 L/Min
Dimension199 x 108 x 133 mm

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