ECO Slim Wave Maker for Marine Aquarium


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ECO Slim Wave Maker for Marine Aquarium

Advantages of Wave Maker

Waveguides are designed to imitate the wave motion that your marine animals experience in their natural environment, but what other advantages do they provide?

  • The fish enjoys changing the movement of water and currents.
  • Fish needs exercise to prevent the accumulation of fat around the heart and liver to prolong life.
  • In the presence of a waveguide, a good current is created so that the fish is active and performs some exercises.
  • The movement and flow of current that you will receive throughout your aquarium will help prevent dead pockets around your corals and living rock where unwanted detritus can accumulate.
  • Under the action of a wave/current, it will displace detritus and allow it to be mixed and filtered through a mechanical filter to remove it. Do not think that this will completely remove all unwanted detritus. Good cleaning and regular maintenance are still important.
  • Corals thrive thanks to the movement of the ocean. The flow and movement of water stimulate them and bring them food, keeping them active and healthy.
  • In addition, when you sit and watch your aquarium, the movement of your corals gently swaying is beautiful and soothing. If there are fish in your aquarium, it is interesting to observe how they interact with the current.
  • The wavemaker will stir the sand in your aquarium, releasing microscopic particles and organisms that feed on your corals and inverted animals.

ECO Slim Wave Maker for Marine Aquarium
ECO Slim Wave Maker for Marine Aquarium
ECO Slim Wave Maker for Marine Aquarium

ModelMax. PowerFlowSizeMin. PowerVoltage
Slim-60009 W6000 L/h48 x 48 x 53 cm3 WDC 12 V
Slim-1000020 W10000 L/h16 x 8 x 21 cm6 WDC 24 V
Slim-2000040 W20000 L/h16 x 8 x 21 cm6 WDC 24 V
Slim-3000070 W30000 L/h20 x 10 x 26 cm10 WDC 24 V

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