Concentrated Capsules for Freshwater Purifier

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Concentrated Capsules for freshwater Purifier

These effective viable bacteria are rich in dozens of beneficial microorganisms and their composition includes powder of nitrifying bacteria, nitrosobacteria, pseudomonas erythrocytes, photosynthetic bacteria, bacilli, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, gram-positive actinomycetes, butyric acid bacteria, as well as growth factors such as calcium L-lactate, unicellular protein and trace elements.

  • These capsules destroy harmful substances, for example, nitrite and are a real antimicrobial agent in water.
  • The nitrification system is quickly installed, and it will work in 24 hours.
  • Capsules are engaged in the decomposition of food residues and excrement deposits to improve water quality.
  • They increase the immunity of fish and inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and algae.

Concentrated Capsules for freshwater Purifier
Concentrated Capsules for Freshwater Purifier

How to Use:

  • Put it into the biochemical cotton of the filter tank and it can dissolve by itself.
  • Adding 2 grains per 100 liters of water for the first time and one grain per 100 liters of water every 10 days for routine maintenance.
  • Can not be used with fungicides at the same time, if using fungicides, should be 3 – 5 days before the use of this agent.
  • After use, if the water body is temporarily turbid, it is a normal phenomenon, after which the water body will be clearer and brighter.

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