Collar Afan Pro Cooling Aquarium Fan


The Afan cooling fan pro is designed for cooling aquarium water in aquariums up to 100 liters and also for providing air circulation in any type of terrarium.


The Afan Pro creates a constant air flow without changes in airspeed and pressure. The air stream forms ripples on the surface and increases the area of contact between water and air, effectively cooling the water.

With this aquarium cooler Pro you can specify the desired temperature of the water. If the temperature of the water gets too high, the cooler will automatically turn on. If the temperature then reaches the desired degrees it will turn off again.

The Afan Pro has three operating modes:

  • Position «0» – Off.
  • Position «1» – normal rotation speed.
  • Position «2» – high rotation speed.

The Afan Pro is powered by 5 V safe voltage, from a USB port or AC adapter 100 – 240 V (included). The Afan Pro is mounted on the outside of the aquarium which prevents damage from moisture and corrosion. This is especially important when Afan Pro is used for marine aquariums.

Compact design: 105 x 70 x 25 mm.

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