Cocos Pod


The Cocos pods also contain good substances (called tannins and humic acids) that provide a slightly pH-lowering effect. These substances also help to ward off and prevent diseases and bad bacteria.


Cocos pods measuring 6 to 8 cm are perfect for providing natural shelter to shrimp and crayfish within an aquarium. Their rough exterior texture also makes them suitable for securing mosses and aquatic plants. The roots of these plants can easily cling onto the pods, promoting their strong attachment and growth.

With these pods you can simulate the natural environment of shrimps and crayfish where there are many leaves and natural products in the water. The shrimp and crayfish like to hide between these products, which reduces stress. This also results in seeing the animals more often in the aquarium.

Use: Rinse / scrub the outside and inside well before placing it in the aquarium. The pods will float for a few days after which they will sink to the bottom on their own. Never boil natural products!

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6 – 8 cm


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