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Claw Clippers are curved for easy use, and have an ergonomic handle for a steady grip. The 9 cm length makes them convenient to handle. It’s important to realize that with proper calcium intake, reptile claws can grow remarkably fast, becoming weak as they lengthen – leading to the potential of breakage. Injuries close to the root of the nail are particularly serious, potentially resulting in bleeding and infection. Regular clipping is therefore essential for a number of reptiles.

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Komodo Claw Clippers are specially made clippers for keeping your reptile’s claws in check. With so many essential components of good reptile husbandry to think about, sadly, their claws are often overlooked and their importance dismissed, however for lizards like bearded dragons and iguanas, it can be vital.

Especially a problem for those reptiles that are not kept on an abrasive substrate for other reasons, your reptiles claws can grow surprisingly quickly when enough calcium is in their diet (essential to all reptiles). As they get longer they get weaker over their total length, and the risk of them breaking increases considerably. Breaks can be nasty, especially if not noticed straight away, and those breaks that occur near the bottom of the nail can produce quite a lot of blood, not to mention an open wound that can become infected. All this makes regular trimming a must for many reptiles.

Komodo Claw Clippers are curved so as to make clipping your reptile’s nails easier, giving you a nice finish each time when used correctly.

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