Chocolate Gourami


Experience the beauty and tranquility that the Chocolate Gourami brings to your aquatic world. Order now and let this captivating creature become the centerpiece of your aquarium, captivating all who lay eyes upon it.


Introducing the Sphaerichthys osphromenoides, commonly known as the Chocolate Gourami. This exquisite fish is a must-have for any aquarist looking to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to their aquarium. With its captivating appearance and peaceful nature, the Chocolate Gourami is truly a gem among freshwater fish.

When it comes to maintaining optimal living conditions for this delicate creature, it is important to mimic its natural habitat. A recommended water temperature of 26°C to 30°C, pH levels ranging from 4.0 to 6.5, and a general hardness of 0 to 5 dGH will ensure the longevity and well-being of the Chocolate Gourami.

Please note that the image displayed above is for illustrative purposes only. As the fish is young, it may not have fully developed its vibrant colouration and size potential. If you have any questions or require further information, our team of experts is here to assist you. We recommend contacting us before placing an order, as we can provide valuable insights regarding the male aspect of choosing the Chocolate Gourami.

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Weight0.3 kg

2 – 4 cm