Ceramic Brick for Salt and Fresh Water Purifier 2 Pcs


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Aquarium filter material is suitable for fresh water and seawater tank. Great help to restore the natural water quality and provide the most suitable environment for your fish. Millions of round particles sintered from ceramic clay make it create three-dimensional voids, forming micron-sized pores, and the pore size is equivalent to the general molecular size. It can help you Improve Water quickly and clear water filter Impurity, decompose harmful ammonia (NH3/4), nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3) in water to establish a healthy water nitration system.

  • Vast surface area and open-flow porosity lead to effective ammonia and nitrate removal from aquariums and nitrate reduction.
  • Premium ceramic media covered with thousands of porous tiny holes provides a large surface area for bio filtration as well as filters out sparkling clear water.
  • Aquarium media block effectively absorbs fish waste and debris, providing crystal clear water for fish.
  • Great for use in freshwater aquariums, planted aquariums, sumps and ponds.
  • Won’t crumble, disintegrate or turn to mush like other ceramic filter media.
  • This aquarium filter media serves mechanical filtration to catch fine particles and biological filtration for raising good stuff.

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