Bolsa Pod


The bolsa pod is a very decorative natural product for in the aquarium. Besides that this bolsa pod is very suitable as decoration, it also contains a lot of good tannins and trace elements.


The outside of this pod is rough and the inside is smooth. This gives the pod a tough, rough look while animals can take shelter inside the pod. The tannins inside the pods are slowly released into the water. These tannins have many different benefits:

  • Slightly increases the acidity of the water.
  • Inhibitory effect on bacteria and diseases.
  • Colour the water slightly brown.
  • Support the recreation of the natural habitat.

Due to its length (8 – 12 cm), you can also use the bolsa pod in small aquariums. In addition, the pod is very decorative in combination with other natural products such as leaves and / or other pods.

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8 – 12 cm


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