BLAU Pico Lumina 8 RGB+


The BLAU Pico Lumina 8 RGB+ has been specially developed for freshwater aquariums. This lamp ensures that aquarium plants receive sufficient light for growth and coloring and that animals in the aquarium are beautifully illuminated.


The BLAU Pico Lumina 8 RGB+ comes with 7 x 7000°K LEDs and 7x RGB+ LEDs which can be set to provide red, blue, or green light. The RGB function allows you to separately set the red, green, and blue spectrum, which come together in option 1 (combination, see below). With the included controller, the lamp can be used in 4 different conditions.

The LED lamp has a dimmer for adjustable light intensity. The dimmer has a built-in memory function so the light intensity will be the same as before the light was switched off. The Pico Lumina lamp is a compact LED light with a length of 32 cm and a flexible arm which makes the lamp very suitable for nano aquariums.


Flat and stylish design
Energy-saving LED technology
Adjustable light intensity
8 W of LED light
30.000 hrs lifespan
7000°K LED + red, blue and green
For aquariums up to 7mm of glass thickness
Dimensions: 315 x 32 x 10 mm

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Weight1.2 kg


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