Automatic Zeolite Reactor


Zeolite has been proven to absorb a range of organic impurities that find their way into water, as well as provide some degree of control against unwanted bacteria and algae. Select untreated natural zeolite of various grain sizes, ideal for use in ATB Zeolite reactors.


Automatic Zeolite Reactor are designed to house zeolite gravel, with their simple and practical design allowing regular washes which remove any surface deposits on the individual stones. These would otherwise interfere with optimal filtering ability. Automatic zeolite reactor come supplied with two pumps; the primary one used for continuous flushing of the reactor, and the secondary outfitted with an ATB design venturi nozzle serving to provide a strong flush at regular intervals. This ingenious solution not only increases the efficiency of the zeolite reactor several times by sucking in air during flushing, but also enables the enriched water and air mixture to be better regenerated during filling.

ATB Zeolite has a much larger «cleaning» area than, for example, sand. The enhanced porosity of zeolite helps to create a more powerful cleaning effect; water flows through the individual grains, in contrast to the mechanical action between sand particles when poured with water.

Zeolite is not only used to capture mechanical impurities (visible impurities in the aquarium), but it uses three cleaning mechanisms. The first mechanism is the capture of physical impurities (visible impurities). The second mechanism is the absorption of pollutants due to the extremely large grain area of ​​the mineral. The third mechanism is chemical water purification – zeolite contains calcium, magnesium and sodium ions within its structure which it is able to exchange for pollutants such as ammonia which is very often present in water.


  • Power Consumption: 23 – 40 Watts
  • Aquarium Capacity: 1000L
  • Flow Rate: 1400 – 5500 L/H

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