Arcadia Reptile D3+ T5 12% UVB Lamp


The Arcadia 12% UVB D3 Reptile T5 Lamp is a flicker-free T5 tube light designed to produce both visible light and UVB to enhance the excellent natural colours of your pets. It utilises fluorescent tube technology to seamlessly fit into any T5 terrarium UV controller. The bulb is also incredibly efficient with an outstanding UV output compared to other bulbs of an equivalent length.


For desert reptiles such as Bearded dragons kept in vivariums, the Arcadia D3+ UV T5 Reptile Lamp is perfect. It gives desert species the UVB light they need to generate the all-important Vitamin D3 to absorb calcium. Without a consistent supply of UVB, captive reptiles risk metabolic bone disease.

The Arcadia D3+ Reptile Lamp has a higher UV light output than most reptile strip lights – a healthy 12% UV. This intensity better simulates the natural UVB and visible light your reptile would receive in desert conditions, where foliage and cloud cover are limited and your reptile would bask in the full heat and UV light of the sun.

The reptile lamp should be positioned between 15 and 20 inches above the reptile’s head to maximise the scope of the lamp, and it is best used with a T5 reflector to ensure more of the light is shone towards your reptile. Like with all reptile keeping, there is an element of trial and error, so you may want to try slightly repositioning the light a few times before settling on what is right for your pet.

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Weight0.25 kg

24W (550 mm), 39W (850 mm), 54W (1150 mm)