Arcadia D3+ Reptile 12% UVB Lamp


Arcadia D3+ Reptile Lamps give your reptile the all-important UV rays it needs to assimilate calcium into its’ diet, keeping a strong and healthy skeleton, just like the sun provides in the wilds of the desert.


The Arcadia Reptile D3+ Reptile Lamp is a 12% UVB standard output T8 lamp designed for use in shallow vivaria and high-exposure reptile species.

These species require relatively high concentrations of UV-B light and so should be kept under a 12% UV-B in most enclosures. High-quality UVB is essential for the overall well-being of the animal. Can be used with all high UV requirement species in shallow vivaria. This lamp has a power of 36W and a size of 1200 mm.

Additional information

Weight0.7 kg

15W (450 mm), 18W (600 mm), 30W (900 mm)