Arcadia D3+ Compact E27 Bulb 12%


Compact lamps are a very neat and energy-efficient way of providing light, UV and a small amount of heat into smaller enclosures, and for providing boosting/basking zones in larger vivaria. Using a standard E27 screw-in lamp cap means that they can be safely run in any screw-fitting bulb holder.


The Arcadia range of products has been designed using the best that science and technology can offer, to allow keepers to provide for their pets in a safe, effective and wild-like way.

The Arcadia Reptile D3+ 12% UV-B Compact Bulb uses a standard E27 screw thread and can be used in any appropriate lamp holder. The Arcadia Reptile D3+ 12% UV-B Compact Bulb uses just 23-watts to create a wide flood of energy-rich light. Suitable for smaller enclosures with species that require higher UV-B exposure, such as hatchling Agamas.

Can be used with the Arcadia Reflector Clamp Lamp range which will maximise usable UV-B output. Compact bulbs are high-output and flicker-free.

Ideal for Reptiles and Amphibians such as Turtles and Terrapins, Spiders, and Tree Frogs.

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