Arcadia Bio Activity and the Theory of Wild Recreation Book


Explore the wonderful world of Reptile, Amphibian and Invertebrate keeping for the modern age. Reptile-keeping expert John Courteney-Smith will guide you through the critical processes that allow for a more effective and altogether more ethical form of exotic pet care. Learn about nutrition, plants, water, soil, hygiene, UVB, the correct provision of light for plant growth and much, much more.


In this book, the third in their series, author John Courtney-Smith discusses about setting up a bio-active enclosure, the importance of it, and the «Theory of Wild Recreation».

We know so much more information regarding reptiles than previously, and we understand now the importance of truly giving our pets a natural world that they would normally be able to experience when in the wild. This provides a good quality environment and also means they are easier to clean and maintain due to the bio-active bugs, keeping your tank cleaner.

This book covers bio-activity, live plant growth, live plant species choice, soil and soil nutrition, animal nutrition, solar re-creation, the light and shade method, PAR, pro and pre-biotics, custodians, tools, New Viv syndrome, the importance of darkness and much, much more over 37 detailed chapters.

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