Aquarium Powder Water Cleaner

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Aquarium Powder Water Cleaner

Freshwater and marine aquariums are prone to clogging and also sometimes overgrown with algae. The process becomes uncontrollable. Such an atmosphere destroys the dwelling of the fish. For normal existence, successful reproduction, fish need a healthy environment. This cleaner will help you maintain a healthy environment and get rid of unwanted moss.

  • This type of cleaner is specially designed for aquarium water purification, which is suitable for freshwater or marine fish aquarium.
  • Has a great influence on water purification, sterilization, odor removal, moss removal, etc.
  • Great for a home aquarium, it is efficient and easy to use.

Care to Use:

  • Place directly in the aquarium or in the middle of the filter device.
  • In approximately a 100-centimeter aquarium, use half of the package, while in a 150-centimeter aquarium, one package is used.
  • According to your needs, you can adjust the dosage according to your aquarium.

Please Note: It is better to add it to the filter device!

Aquarium Powder Water Cleaner

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