Aquatic Plant Fertiliser PF-20


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Can make most aquatic plants adapting to weak acid water quality grows well. With high stability, not easy to decompose and will not make the water muddy.

Usage and Precautions:

  • This aquarium substrate soil does not need to be washed before used.
  • Normally the thickness of the soil suitable for breeding aquatic plants is preferably 6 – 8 cm on average.
  • It is laid flat on the bottom of the tank. Front low, rear high, will make the aquarium scene stereo effect stronger.
  • If the cultured soil is relatively dry, please use a watering can or other water-filling device to wet the soil before watering. Wait for 10 minutes before refilling. Control the water flow, and use the device to properly block, do not directly impact the water grass mud. the above method can greatly reduce the phenomenon of water drowning. After water injection, please use tool to carefully level the mud surface of the bed.
  • When the plants are cultivated, the soil needs to be kept moist or immersed in water for easy operation.
  • After water injection, it is normal that the water may be slightly turbid. Can be added nitrating bacteria, use filter cotton in the filter tank, and use activated carbon to accelerate the water purification.
  • After the water quality in the aquarium is stable and the nitrification system is established, the aquarium organism can be introduced. (Advice: Recommended to replace all the water after 48 hours after water injection, and then re-raise the water, which can remove excess humic acid from the mud, so that The water quality is not too acidic.)
  • Please use root fertilizer and liquid fertilizer in a timely and appropriate amount. Normally you can not use any fertilizer or nutrient solution within 2 weeks of the construction of the tank. It is recommended to add it after two weeks after planting the grass.

Aquarium Planted Soil Fertilizer
Aquarium Planted Soil Fertilizer

Aquarium SizeWater CapacitySoil Amount
30 cm or less10 L2 – 5 kg
30 – 45 cm20 L6 – 7 kg
45 cm35 L7 – 8 kg
60 cm56 L9 – 10 kg
90 cm157 L20 – 25 kg

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