Aquarium LED Lighting Controller

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Aquarium LED Lighting Controller


  • Industrial-grade LED display digital tube that can be easily detected at any angle and light.
  • 100-level dimming to meet the requirements of various plants and pets for light. At the same time, both open and close use the gradient mode to reduce the effect on fish.
  • With 8 sets of time, brightness. Settings, timer switch, simulate the different brightness switch of nature. Combines the timer and the dimmer into one.
  • 0.05 UM patch, mature sunrise and sunset procedures, all tested in the factory.

Feature of S2 PRO:

  • For S2, the brightness change of sunrise and sunset varies Jumpingly; S2 PRO is gradual, smoother than S2.
  • S2 PRO has night light mode.
  • S2 PRO increases frequency and reduces noise.


ModelS2 PRO
Connector5.5 mm DC male with lock thread
SizeWidth 6.5 cm
ApplicableLED lamps 36 V DC under 100 W with constant pressure


Key Function Description:

Switch the light on/off.
Long press enter time to adjust the interface, by pressing + and – adjusting hours and minutes.
Press “M” to exit time setting.

2. MIN/L+
Brightness increased

3. HOUR/L-
Brightness decrease

Press the manual/automatic switch, long press into the timer setting.
NO-1 and time cycle flicker, through + and – for the first set of time Settings.
Press MODE key again, L000 flicker, through + and – for the first set of brightness Settings.
Then press MODE key, NO-2 and time cycle flicker, through + and – to set the second set of time.
Press MODE key again, L000 flicker, through + and – to set the second set of brightness Settings.
In this way, 8 sets of data are set. Press MODE to exit after setting.
P.S. If the time is set to “– : –“, the data on behalf of the group does not work.

5. Display
L00*/ time back and forth indicates that the system is in manual state.
ATUO/ time shows that the system is in an automatic state, and the system automatically enters the automatic state by default.
In automatic state, you can intervene manually.
(for example, turn off the light in the automatic state when the light is turned off, and keep on going until the next automatic cycle arrives).

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