Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Shaker Type

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Smaller, more frequent water changes are imperative to the health of your fish. Without regular water changes, invisible toxins can build up in your aquarium creating a hazardous environment for its inhabitants. This product is a complete ready-to-use system which adapts easily to most faucets and makes water changes a breeze. It drains as well as fills aquariums, and will not disturb fish or decor during routine aquarium maintenance. Easy to use. Built-in filter. Easy to clean. Practical and convenient.

Method of operation:

  • One end of the water pipe is placed in the tank
  • The other end of the water pipe into the barrel
  • Open the water valve
  • Gently squeeze the air chamber to its automatic water
  • Reduce the intake to remove fish feces and feed residues from the sand


SizeTotal length about 157 cm
WeightAbout 0.2 kg

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg


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