Aquaflorin Potassium Plant Fertilizer


Multi-ingredient mineral fertilizer with potassium intended for aquatic plants.


Aquaflorin Potassium is essential during the initial months of a new aquarium setup, in case of potassium deficiency and when it is not advisable to use other macronutrients. This potion contains no nitrogen or phosphorus, making it an ideal choice for tanks with a high fish population as these elements are produced by fish faeces and leftovers. Its carefully chosen composition reduces the risk for algae infestation and supplies your aquatic plants with necessary nutrients for their growth and better appearance. Essentially, Aquaflorin Potassium allows you to feed plants with potassium without further increasing the concentration of nitrates and phosphates, which should be taken into consideration when dealing with planted tanks.

Dosage: 10 ml/100 litres of water. Start fertilizing with small portions and observe how your plants grow.

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