Aquael Air Pump OxyBoost Plus for Aquarium


Introducing the Aquael OxyBoost Plus, a modern aerator that combines sleek design, quiet operation, high performance, low power consumption and excellent workmanship in one. Building on a 30-year tradition of membrane aerator production by Aquael, the OxyBoost Plus is the pinnacle of their expertise.


In contrast to other competing models, the Aquael Oxyboost air pump stands out with its contemporary appearance, superior craftsmanship, and impressive efficiency. Its convenient adjustment dial is conveniently situated at the top of the device, allowing for easy control of performance. Additionally, the new aerator boasts a sleek black and white body design. Its rounded disc-like shape also makes it effortless to maintain cleanliness.

The OxyBoost Plus aerators are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. It is noteworthy to mention that, unlike many other membrane aerators available, they are made within the European Union at our Aquael factory in Suwaki, Poland. This ensures that essential components such as membranes and piston units are consistently readily available.

The OxyBoost plus range consists of three variations: 100 plus, 150 plus, and 200 plus. These model numbers indicate the highest level of performance for each device. The 100 plus and 150 plus models are single-channel, while the 200 plus has two separate air channels. In particular, the OxyBoost 150 plus compressor features a capacity regulator that allows for adjustable air flow power.

The devices’ feet are crafted from soft rubber to effectively absorb vibration. OxyBoost plus compressors boast high performance and low energy consumption, thanks to the use of cutting-edge production methods. Notably, all our products are proudly made in Poland, with the complete manufacturing process taking place at our Aquael facility in Suwalki.

The OxyBoost Plus membrane pumps, known for their exceptional performance, have a low power consumption (2.2 – 2.5 W). They are highly suitable for continuous use as aerating devices (we suggest pairing them with the AQUAEL AIR LIGHTS illuminated nozzles for a stunning visual effect) or as drives for traditional sponge and undergravel filters. Additionally, these pumps can also be utilized in marine aquariums as drives for basic tube skimmers.


  • Power: 2.2 W (100-150 L/h), 2.5 W (200 L/h)
  • Flow Rate: 100 L/h, 150 L/h, 200 L/h
  • Hose Diameter: 4/6 mm

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg

100 L/h, 150 L/h, 200 L/h