Adjustable Heater for Fish Tank


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The adjustable glass heater is designed for heating water in the aquarium. The heater operates in the range from 20 to 34 °C. The adjustment accuracy is 1°C. Heaters of this series are favorably distinguished by an elegant design, high strength of the bulb, a convenient temperature adjustment knob (+/- 1 ° C), an operating status indicator. It can be used in both freshwater and marine aquariums. The operation features are described in detail in the instructions.

It can ensure the output of heat and keep the water temperature inside the tank steady.Temperature indicating scale can be adjusted between 20 ~ 34 ℃ (68 ~ 93 °F).Totally submersible, waterproof double insulation, durable and safe design.Power indicator, ensures safe operation.Can automatically adjust the temperature, good for fish in the aquarium.

PowerSizeWire LengthTank Capacity
25 W195 x 25 cm0.9 M30 L
50 W195 x 25 cm0.9 M60 L
100 W250 x 25 cm0.9 M120 L
200 W295 x 25 cm0.9 M200 L
300 W295 x 25 cm0.9 M375 L

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