Adjustable Aquarium Bubbler

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Fine bubbles: The bubble cotton board produces bubbles finely. Beautiful bubbles will also make oxygen supplements vigorously. It helps to increase oxygen, maintain fresh air and create a healthy environment for fish.
Suitable for most air pumps: With the pump as the driving force, the power of the gas lift is fully utilized, and there is no power device itself. Its interface is suitable for inner diameter 4 mm air tube.
Suction cup design: The superior suction cup design is used to fix the air stone to prevent friction and wear and prolong its service life.
Adjustable: The bubble stone has a rotatable design. The size and density of the bubbles can be arbitrarily adjusted. In order to deal with different fish tank occasions.
Suitable for different occasions: Aquarium oxygenated bubble stones can add air flow, circulation to your aquarium, pond, hydroponics and aquaculture to oxygenate water and benefit aquatic life.


Height5.7 cm / 2.24″
Ball Diameter3.2 cm / 1.26″


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