Aquatic Plant Fertiliser PF-17

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Imported coating materials of high concentration of seaweed fertilizer coated on the surface, can be slowly by aquatic plants need most to roots provide appropriate nutrients. To avoid the common blasting algae problems caused by rapid release fertilizer nutrients. Make the planting grass simpler and more convenient. Can be constantly infiltration within 6 months from the right amount of fertilizer and trace elements, provide nutrients necessary for plant growth, plant growth and balanced. Suitable for all kinds of plants (flowers, green plant, aquarium aquatic plants, etc.), harmless to fish. Does not affect the PH and dH carbonate hardness in the water.

  • The nutrient supply stability, timely and continuous supply of aquatic plants need nutrients, safe and effective, not harm aquatic plants. Not like other fertilizer supply is not stable, initial excess, back again.
  • The nutrient loss not easily, not polluted water.
  • The nutrients absorbed by aquatic plants and timely every grain of fertilizers were made of special organic resin coated. Not ordinary resin or plastic glue coated, won’t produce residues, more won’t cause water acidification or inorganic salt accumulation, harmless to fish. While other fertilizer coating material is easy to absorbed by aquatic plants and accumulation of excessive nitrate content.

This product is suitable for the grass roots class fixed-point fertilizer to meet the special demand of nutrients. When used with forceps clipping the fat vertically into grass roots can be 2 to 3 cm deep, interval of 10 ~ 15 cm 1 grain. Capsule department plant capsule, into the water for a few hours can be dissolved, the release of slow-release fertilizer particles inside the bottom sediment.

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