4 in 1 Aquarium Glass Cleaner

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Design for cleaning the aquarium fish tank glass wall, removing dirty debris or floating objects, raking gravel, planting or maintaining aquarium view, etc, creating a comfortable place for your lovely fish. This is a very practical 4 in 1 fish tank cleaning tool that can meet all our daily needs. This aquarium cleaning tools are strong and durable, safe for aquarium and fish, anti- rust long-lasting use without bending or breaking.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Effectively remove dirt from the bottom of the water tank.
  • Multi-purpose, save space
  • A must-have product for the aquarium.

4 in 1 Aquarium Glass Cleaner
4 in 1 Aquarium Glass Cleaner

Clean Sponge

Used for cleaning the glass walls and acrylic aquarium, decontamination does not hurt the tank materials.

Spoon Net

Used for the daily cleaning of floating objects in the aquarium, such as the feed that fish did not eat, water grass leaves, debris, etc.

4 in 1 Aquarium Glass Cleaner
4 in 1 Aquarium Glass Cleaner

Gravel Rake

Used for the daily gravel cleaning finishing the sand and gravel shifting caused by the fish swimming.

Plant Fork

Easily extract aquatic plants in the aquarium without harming the aquatic plants.

4 in 1 Aquarium Glass Cleaner

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