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Formalin and Malachite mixture is a popular anti-parasite treatment. It is particularly good for White Spot, Skin Flukes, Chilodonella, Oodinium and most Protozoan Parasites. 100 ml of Formalin treats 6800 litres of water, 100 ml of Malachite treats 8000 litres of water. Use 1 ml of Formalin per 68 litres of water and 1 ml of Malachite per 80 litres of water. Treat up to 3 times, 7 days apart. Over dosing can cause fish fatalities. In this package you get a 100 ml bottle of Formalin, 100 ml bottle of Malachite and a special 5 ml dosing syringe.

Please do not eat, drink or smoke whilst handling chemicals. Wear disposable vinyl or latex gloves and appropriate eye protection. Switch off UV steriliser until course of treatment is complete. Tighten cap and mix well. Use the supplied dosing syringe to measure the correct dose. Add water to a clean watering can, then add Formalin and Malachite. Gradually sprinkle across the surface area of the aquarium over a 1 hour period. Do not use below 12.5°C. Do not use Malachite and Formalin in conjunction with salt.

Stop feeding during the course of treatment because Malachite and Formalin will reduce the bacteria in the filter, continuing to feed will cause an ammonia spike. Once the course of treatment is complete monitor your water parameters regularly and add good bacteria to restart your filters, such as AquaDip Active Start that we supply.

Store in original bottle between 2°C and 30°C. Keep out of reach of children. For animal pond water treatment only. Always wear protective gloves and goggles when handling chemicals. Use within 12 months of opening. Do not use in conjunction with any other medication. Do not use with salt.

To prevent the parasites and diseases from entering your aquarium, all new additions, including fish, invertebrates and plants, should be quarantined in a separate tank using separate equipment for four to six weeks. Quarantine will be slightly shorter at higher temperatures. Do not manipulate your fish’s ideal temperature range in order to shorten your quarantine period. This can stress your fish and make them susceptible to many diseases and parasites.

All new plants previously kept with fish should be quarantined. By keeping plants isolated from all fish and inverts for at least two weeks, the parasite life cycle will break as there are no fish to feed on, and the parasite will die off. Parasites require a fish host to complete its life cycle. Use these two weeks to beef up your plants with some extra fertilizer since transport and handling can easily damage aquatic plants.

In order to improve your fish’s overall health and wellbeing, be sure to maintain good water quality at all times and feed an appropriate diet. Keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Check in on all your fish on a regular basis and understand their normal appetites and behaviors so you can quickly judge when something is wrong. If you suspect something is wrong with your fish, contact your aquatic veterinarian as soon as possible.

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