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  • £12.00£15.60

    This focused beam increases the ambient temperature in your vivarium or terrarium to achieve your specific reptile’s optimum temperature for thermoregulation. An optimum temperature helps to keep your pet healthy and happy in an environment that feels more like home.

    Basking Solar Red

    Arcadia Basking Solar Infrared Lamp

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  • £8.70£11.00

    The Arcadia Basking Solar Spot Lamp gives your reptile a healthy dose of essential supplementary UVA light and infra-red warmth, to aid well-being and colour while helping them thermo-regulate for better health and happiness. Although it looks and works similar to a normal light bulb, this reptile bulb has an intense heat provision that creates a tight focused beam and ambient heat, which cold-blooded reptiles need to enable circulation and other biological processes. This bulb can be set close or far away from your terrarium to suit both desert basking species and tropical basking species in snake setups and lizard setups.

    Basking Solar Spotlight

    Arcadia Basking Solar Spotlight Lamp

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  • £8.60£10.60

    The Arcadia Solar Basking Floodlight range boasts a selection of good-quality basking bulbs. You can use an Arcadia Basking Solar Flood light to give your reptile a vital dose of UVA light and ambient heat from a more natural source and aid wellbeing. With a standard screw (E27) fitting, these Arcadia Basking Solar Flood Lamps are designed to shine out powerful UVA rays into your reptile’s home.

    Basking Solar Flood

    Arcadia-Basking Solar Floodlight Lamp

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